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Misiones BodyCare Gift Card

Misiones BodyCare Gift Card

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Our gift cards are the perfect way to show someone on your list that you care. Your purchase will help survivors of domestic violence and trauma find healing and restoration.

Our Current Campaign: 

Our dear friend Rosario, a survivor and unwavering pillar of strength, is currently going through a tough time that has even caught the attention of local media in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Right now, she is in a fierce battle for access to her children, who were unfairly given access to their abuser – her ex-husband.

🚀 The Mission: Raise $3000 THIS WEEK to cover the pressing legal fees she needs to fight the good fight.

🌱 Misiones Bodycare is Stepping Up - And We Need Your Amazing Self to Join Us!

For every gift card sold, $10 will go directly to supporting Rosario's legal fund. This is more than a donation; it's a lifeline that will empower Rosario to protect her children and bring them home where they belong.

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