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Helping Hands Gift Card

Helping Hands Gift Card

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This holiday season, we’re launching the Helping Hands Give Back Card and Campaign to honor the humanitarian work of Joanne McAfee and Catholic Charities. This initiative is dedicated to providing  personal essential services and assists in finding legal services for those seeking asylum at the US border.

Joanne McAfee is a Delaware born resident with a heart for foreign born people. After a trip to the border in 2019, she pursued the education to become a Department of Justice Accredited Immigration Law Representative. She lives with her family in Sussex County but, serves all three counties. 

The journey to safety is fraught with danger for many mothers and their children. They endure months of travel, often on foot, facing numerous hardships and victimization along the way.

We want to make them feel seen and loved. We’ve selected items  from our body care products that not only pamper but also serve practical purposes - items they may have longed for but couldn’t afford.

We need your help! Join us in giving gifts that remind these brave mothers that they are worthy of beautiful things. Joanne's and Catholic Charities care packages will be donated to these weary travelers and their little ones.

$10 of every Helping Hands Gift Card  will go towards this cause, and we will donate our best selling Hands + Feet Balm and Lip Balms to this care package. Let’s come together to make a difference in their lives!


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